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Personal Information Protection Policy

Definition of Personal Information
To Hitachi Air Conditioning Products (Phils) Inc. (hereinafter "Hitachi" ), personal information means any information related to any individual and that is identifiable of such individual, such as name, date of birth, personal identification number, logo or other mark, graphic or recording and other relevant information (including information that is not identifiable on stand-alone basis but can be conveniently compared and referenced with other information to identify individuals). Personal information not only includes individually identifiable information, but also all information that shows facts, judgments and assessments, including personal physical condition, financial status, type of work or duties, etc. Hitachi is dedicated to the protection and management of information in accordance with the following personal information protection policy.

Scope of Application
This statement of "Personal Information Protection" provides for the way in which Hitachi processes personal information of its clients.

Hitachi Personal Information Protection Policy
Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information Considering that client information will be maintained during the course of its activities, Hitachi has established a personal information protection and management system for each type of business in order to comply with relevant system for collection, use and provision of personal information and process such information in a reasonable manner.
2. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations In processing personal information, Hitachi will comply with applicable laws and regulations in relation to personal information protection and will establish and duly execute personal information management regulations that are consistent with the applicable laws and regulations.
3. Execution of Security Measures To ensure the correctness and security of personal information, Hitachi will engage in the management of relocation of personal information, restrict the channel of external communication of personal information and prevent unauthorized access from outside the company in accordance with information security regulations. Hitachi will also make an effort to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration or disclosure of personal information.
4. Respect of Information Owner's Right When any client asks to publish, correct, delete or refuse the use or provision of its personal information, Hitachi will respect the rights of the information owner and reply in good faith.
5. Establishment and Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management Regulations Hitachi will procure that the management and employees are both aware of the importance of protection for personal information and will strictly execute personal information management regulations to ensure that personal information is used and protected in a reasonable manner. Also, these management regulations will be effectively implemented and continuously improved.

Information Provision to Third Parties
Hitachi will not provide the personal information of any client to any third party without the client's permission, except in the following circumstances:
A. Pursuant to law (or to prevent violation of law);
B. For the purpose of protecting lives, preventing physical harm or protecting properties, with difficulty in obtaining consent from the client;
C. For the purpose of improving conditions of public health or healthy growth of children, with difficulty in obtaining consent from the client;
D. In accordance with legal activities to be performed as required by national government authority, local government organization or the other organizations delegated by the above, where the acquisition of the client's consent may become an obstacle to the performance of such activities;
E. Delegation of processing of personal information within the scope required for realization of the purpose of use;
F. Provision of personal information as required for continuous business activities upon occurrence of business related event (such as merger).

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