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Hitachi Air Conditioning Products (Phils.) Inc. sells air conditioning products like the Self-Contained Air Conditioners, Air-cooling Chiller Unit, Room Air Conditioners, Packaged Air Conditioner, Fan Coil Unit, and Dehumidifier, washing machines and refrigerators which are distributed in the domestic market.

The merger between the two companies gave way to better opportunities for Hitachi air conditioning products and home appliances to be introduced to a wider range in the market both domestic and global.

In the world of Hitachi airconditioners, each minute detail is a major pursuit of attention given to every detail that has allowed us to create high quality,first-rate air conditioners. Hitachi (Subic) is now abreast with the worlds cutting edge technology.

It has surpassed the strict world-class quality control tests and successfully marketed its products all over the world. Air conditioning units are being exported to European countries, Middle East, Taiwan, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, Australia, Sri Lanka and Germany.

It has also achieved the ISO 9002,the international quality standard accreditation and the P.S. Mark.In the Philippines, Hitachi, through its Manila sales office has invaded the domestic market and is now one of the major competitos of other enterprise in the same line of business.

The pride of Hitachi Air Conditioning Products (Phils.) Inc. is the admirable skills of its employees, from the heads, engineers, technicians, to the skilled workers. Armed with technical skills and extensive training, we formed the administrative, sales and manufacturing line, exhibiting competency and knowledge on our respective fields. Because of our strong commitment to our customers, we follow certain guide lines which have become a part of our way of life. We instill on the people the good judgement and precision, discipline, value for work,and achieving our goal in the production based on world standard.

Hitachi Air Conditioning Products (Phils.) Inc. aims to be a world-class manufacturing [company. To achieve this goal of customer satisfaction and to become part of everyday lives of people from all walks of life, these policy were set: